Types of Franchise Businesses

There are several franchise business options available, especially in nations like the United States where franchises make up for 40% of the total retail sales in […]

The Different Types Of Franchising

Many people are un-aware that there are several different types of franchising. Depending on which one you are looking at, there can be different opportunities out […]

The Different Types of Business Franchise

In recent years in the UK franchising has greatly increased in popularity. In the last year alone the contribution of franchised business to the economy increased […]

What are the different franchise types?

As a prospective franchisee, before you start looking at specific opportunities and investigate their advantages and disadvantages, you should familiarise yourself with the various franchise models […]

Different Types of Franchise Ownership

There are many different types of franchise ownership opportunities. You may choose to become a multi-unit franchise owner, an area developer or you may decide to […]

Types of Franchise

Franchising Retail Franchise In this franchise format, the franchisee carries out the work him/herself. This usually involves the carrying out of a trade, or the selling […]

Chain Vs. Franchise

As a business grows there are many strategic decisions that must be addressed. One of the decisions that the parent corporation must make is whether it […]

Franchise vs. Company Owned Benefits

Deciding whether you should franchise your small business to accelerate expansion and supply more capital or if you should maintain a company-owned model depends on numerous […]

Starting a Business – Franchising

A business idea for a start-up doesn’t have to be original. Many new businesses are formed with the intention of offering an existing business idea. The […]