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About Team Builder Intranet

Franchisees need constant communication and email is for amateurs.

Our Team Builder solution provides Franchisors with a communications solution that combines essential real-time messaging and communication tools, surrounded with indispensable resources to strengthen the Franchisor/Franchisee relationship.

Let Your Franchisees Help Themselves

Instead of repeatedly calling the Franchisor’s marketing or support team, each individual Franchisee has secure access to the Franchise’s Team Builder Intranet, providing each with real-time franchise information, shared documents, event calendar(s), message boards, support tools, resources, directories and promotional materials. The result is increased collaboration and communication between the parent company and the partners, while decreasing support costs and frustration.

Secure Your Trade Secrets

Whether you have 10 or 1000’s of Franchisees, Team Builder is the right solution. Because Team Builder is built on a permission-based architecture, Franchise Administrators can designate the viewing rights of every document, posting or other addition to the Team Builder system. This allows Franchisors to serve unlimited groups of users and display each with only privileged information, but only maintain one application to do so.

100% Ready-to-Use with Immediate Money Savings

While most Intranet Applications require excessive customization, training and deployment time, Team Builder is 100% ready to use from the day it’s ordered. In fact, Team Builder is so easy to administer and use that most users tell us they’ve never bothered to even open the Administration Guide. Furthermore, franchisee acceptance and compliance is high and Franchisor’s report that they have converted to a 100% on-line support system using Team Builder in as little as 90 days after its system-wide introduction. This offers our clients immediate time and money savings from costly and delay prone mailings and ensures 100% accessibility of important Franchise information and resources 24/7.

Contact us today for a no-hassle demo of our live Team Builder Application and see what Franchise Support should be like.

Connect with Your Franchisees 24/7

Team Builder Program Includes:

  1. A customizable and branded hosted Intranet Solution.
  2. Training and support from The Franchise Builders support staff.
  3. Unlimited users, administrators, and groups.
  4. Regular back-up of data and SSL (secure socket layer) security.

Options & Features:

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