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About Print Builder

Print Builder’s web-based ad creation guarantees a consistent brand experience… every time!

Let your franchisees help themselves to high-quality, customized, brand-compliant marketing materials. With our new Print Builder Application, your franchisees can view, select and personalize a variety of corporate-approved collateral, from postcards and flyers to brochures, print ads and more.

Your pre-approved collateral and advertising is uploaded to Print Builder as ready-to-customize templates. Your franchisees log in to the password-protected site and browse the available pieces. They can quickly personalize their selections using simple on-line tools, then our Graphic Design team personally customizes each order to exacting instruction, while assuring good messaging, grammar and overall visual quality.  Print-ready proofs are then electronically delivered or printed and shipped to the franchisee or direct mailed to their customers.

Print Builder empowers your franchisees with the freedom to quickly create localized advertising materials while still protecting your brand integrity.

Save Time and Money

Some franchisors spend significant resources producing marketing materials for their franchisees. Others chose not to provide marketing support and are subject to regular complaints from franchisees who wonder what corporate has done for them lately. With Print Builder, you get the best of both worlds. Your franchisees are delighted to bypass the hassle and expense of paying for ad design and then waiting for approval from corporate. Best of all, you get the credit for providing your franchisees with a valuable service, while the time and money you had been spending creating, updating, customizing and approving collateral can be reallocated to more important things.

Intuitive and Convenient

Since most franchisees are too busy to go to graphic design school, Print Builder was created with ease of use in mind. It’s user-friendly interface provides step-by-step instructions to guide franchisees through the editing process.  The whole process, from browsing the catalog to editing and ordering a personalized piece, takes only minutes and can be done any time of the day or night. And if they ever run into trouble, customer service is just an email or phone call away.

Protect Your Brand

Maintaining brand consistency is crucial for franchisors. That’s why Print Builder gives you control over which parts of a marketing piece your franchisees can customize. Let them edit contact information only, add special offers or upload photographs and images for use in their collateral. They can enter specific dimensions for a newspaper or yellow pages ad, meanwhile, the layout, fonts, colors, trademarks and other brand elements are shielded from tampering.

One-Stop Shopping

Print Builder provides a central location for your company’s approved marketing materials. The editable templates make localizing the collateral a breeze. But the application’s real value is in the streamlined process that lets your franchisees get the services they need quickly and inexpensively.

Most ad customization products create a print-ready PDF file that your franchisees have to download, then burn to a CD and take to a printer to be produced. Print Builder simplifies the process with an on-line ordering system. Your franchisees can elect to have their order shipped to them, or for direct mail pieces, they can upload a mailing list or buy a list from us and we will take care of the addressing and mailing services for them.

The Franchise Builders knows that quality brands require quality printing. That’s why we use only premium glossy or matte paper stock and print on a top-of-the-line, four-color digital printing press. But we also know that franchisees demand value. So we work hard to keep our prices low through efficiency and buying power. We want your franchisees to know that if they call around to local print shops, chances are we’ll beat their prices, not to mention providing the most convenient service available.

Your franchisees will be delighted by the convenience and value of our automated service, and you’ll appreciate the brand protection of quality, pre-approved collateral.

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Protect Your Brand. Free Your Franchise

How Print Builder Works:

  1. The TFB design team works with the Franchisor to develop and upload branded collateral into the Print Builder Application.
  2. Franchisees browse through a library of corporate-approved print marketing, advertising and signage collateral.
  3. Franchisees provide customization information that is most relevant to their local market needs/customers.
  4. Our Graphic Design Team personally customizes the order and obtains approval from the Franchisee.
  5. The Franchise Builders produces, ships and bills for items ordered.

Print Builder Options & Features:

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