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An Appealing Opportunity For All

Interestingly in franchising, the benefits of buying a franchise are just as attractive as selling them. For example, your franchisees will gain instant brand recognition, initial training, ongoing support and increased purchasing power all for much less than it would cost to start an independent company.

What’s more, purchasing a franchise is one of the safest ways for entrepreneurs to become business owners. In studies conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Small Business Administration, for example, it has been reported that while 97% of franchises were still operational after five years, over 60% of non-franchised businesses had failed after only six years.

Building Your Business

Make no mistake: franchising is good for business – for you and your franchisees. But if there’s a fly in the ointment (and, after all these years in business, you know there must be), it’s this: you’re only as good as your system. Develop a positive, progressive franchise system and your chances for success are high. Ignore the importance of laying a strong foundation and you risk the same fate as that proverbial house built on the sand.

That said, becoming a successful franchisor does take more than just filling out a few forms and getting square with the government. Let’s face it, if it was really that easy, you probably would have done it years ago. It’s going to take some hard work and some heavy lifting. Then again, there’s a reason they call us The Franchise Builders. We’ll build your franchise, hard work and heavy lifting included. But you are still the boss – and every boss needs their own hard hat (and we will send you one with our Proposal!)


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