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Expert franchise territory planning and mapping is vital to overall franchisor / franchisee profits and success, but is all too often left to chance, or worse, dictated by franchisee demands.

In fact, the best franchise system and opportunity can easily realize only a fraction of its potential success if thoughtful and expert franchise territory planning is neglected. To illustrate, consider the following common scenarios.

  1. Franchise territories are designed too large – extending this defect nationwide means a franchisor only designates a fraction of the territories that should have been made available and sold.
  2. Franchise territories are designed too small – now the franchisor may benefit, but franchisees struggle to reach profitability with defectively small territories in their market. This leads to unit failures and an attack on the systems validation.
  3. Franchise territories are not designed at all – which means they are largely dictated by the incoming franchisees buying demands. This leads to inconsistent territory sizing, franchisee disputes and a legal time bomb waiting to explode.

So, as you can see, while territory planning is often neglected, largely due to the cost of the expert resources needed to perform the task, whether you manage your system internally or rely on consultants to help, demand that territory planning is not an after thought. From our perspective and experience we can assure you that neglecting this area will almost always lead to costly and legal problems.

Not to worry, we can help do it right.

We offer expert franchise terriory planning and mapping initially to our development clients, and on-going as a service to our exisitng franchise customers. All territory planning is performed by an expert GIS (Geographic Information Systems) professionals, and we cut each and every territory as needed, to ensure that territories are cut using the most current data, and not based on demographic and geographic data valid a decade ago.

Our territory services are priced at a low $75.00 per territory, or included with our Existing Franchisor Service Packages. There are no additional costs for software or data, regardless of your system’s data requirements and turn-around is within 48 hours. So, don’t skimp on what is arguably the most important, but often overlooked step in the franchise development and franchise consulting process.

Effective Franchise Territory Planning & Mapping Provides:

Contact us today for a no-obligation analysis of your franchise territory planning system by our GIS professional –¬†whether you have one or not.

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