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Cutting edge franchise technology is no longer optional, and because The Franchise Builders’ early days were based squarely on the development of franchise industry technology solutions, there remains no franchise technology provider more capable of anticipating and solving franchise related technology challenges.

Further, because we are also a Franchisor, we continually test our technology on the hardest client we can find…ourselves. This allows us to anticipate technology needs years prior to the other guys, and long after they finally “get” what their clients have been trying to tell them. Lastly, we literally invented much of the franchise technology you see touted everywhere now, and while we are flattered by the imitation, we remain confident that our solutions still build our client systems better than any others.

Our Proprietary Technology Trifecta


While there are limitless offerings being pushed to Franchisors these days, we only focus on those that increase system revenue and provide benefits specifically related to marketing your franchise. So, while you may debate for weeks on what CRM or latest tech trend to deploy, we know that when it comes to marketing your franchise and helping your Franchisees do the same, nothing comes close to our solutions.

The Franchise Builders technology suite includes:

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