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New Franchise Development Process

The process to create a new franchise typically includes a following steps:

Process Step Basic Comprehensive
1 Initial Consulting and Feasibility Review
Conducted by telephone
2 Presentation of TFB Portfolio
Hard copies delivered by mail
3 Presentation and Signing of Service Agreement
Delivered by email or fax
4 Client Completes Questionnaire and Submits Initial Payment
Questionnaire delivered to client by email or fax
5 Initial Competitive Research and Analysis
Presented to client at Kick-Off Meeting
6 Kick-Off Meeting
Conducted in person (Comprehensive Package) or by phone (Basic Package)
7 Initial Strategic and Operational Recommendations
Delivered by email, discussed by telephone
8 Drafting of Legal Documents (by Drumm Law, LLC)
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement
9 National and State Registration Process
Time required varies by state
10 Development and Presentation of Initial Creative Concepts
May be presented by telephone or in person
11 Development and Presentation of Marketing Plans
May be presented by telephone or in person
12 Drafting of Operations Manual
May require additional on-site visit(s)
13 Completion of Initial Creative Process
May include identity & business system, brochures, ads, etc.
14 Completion of Technology Projects
May include Site Builder, Team Builder and Print Builder programs, etc.
15 Franchise Sales Training
Can be conducted on site or at TFB training center (additional fees may apply)
16 Official Franchise Launch (generally 4 to 6 months from Kick-Off)
Begin selling franchises in registered states
17 Ongoing Consulting, Legal, Marketing, Sales and Technology Support
Services provided as needed during twelve-month term of agreement

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