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Our Franchise Development Process

Our exclusive “flat-rate & all-in” development process includes:

Laying the groundwork for your new franchise begins with an exhaustive analysis of your current business and an evaluation of your franchise goals, such as:

Current Business Analysis

Franchise Development Factors

Branding, Creative and Marketing

Strategic branding, creative and marketing services set your franchise apart. We take a comprehensive approach to develop an effective image for your franchise, both by marketing to potential franchise investors as well as the target consumer base. Everything you need to successfully market your franchise is addressed, including:

Included Technology Solutions:

As a client of our franchise development  package, your new franchise system will have access to and use of our proprietary technology offerings as part of the development process (on-going nominal hosting and implementation fees are billed to franchisees).

These include our entire suite of technology solutions, including:


Site Builder®

Corporate Websites and Franchisee Websites

An integrated franchisee website solution, Site Builder provides individual franchises with a powerful, localized website solution (Sitelets) – all under the control of the franchisor. Site Builder is guaranteed to empower your franchisees and increase your system revenue.


Team Builder Intranet®

Electronic Collaboration and Document Distribution

Strengthen the franchisor/franchisee relationship with Team Builder, an integrated Intranet system that combines essential real-time messaging with sophisticated communication tools.


Print Builder®

Online Marketing Collateral Distribution System

Help your franchisees help themselves. With Print Builder, our web-based ad creation and digital printing solution, individual franchise locations can get high-quality, customizable, brand-compliant marketing materials printed and delivered directly to their door.

All that you’ll need – For as long as you’ll need it. Our proprietary Franchise Technology Solutions allow you to not only offer your franchise system industry leading automation, but permit you to focus management on growing your franchise rather than worrying that your technology will become inferior.

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