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Franchise Development Steps – Building the Perfect Franchise

Step 1: Purchase a Franchise Development Kick Off Day:

Whether you feel prepared to handle much of the franchise development steps and tasks on your own, or you prefer to have The Franchise Builders professionals provide a turn-key comprehensive development solution, each our new client engagements start with a one day, on site kick off conducted by our CEO or a senior franchise consultant.

Following the Kick Off Day, you then decide whether you want manage the rest or engage us further. If so, you can select from our additional consulting and service packages below and receive a 100% credit of the Kick Off Day fees paid toward any of the packages.

The Kick Off Day is intended to successfully provide our clients with the knowledge needed to formally “kick off” the franchise development process and ensure they are informed and prepared to manage the process from initial development to franchise launch.
During the on-site day we will present, discuss and determine the following:

Current Business Analysis

Franchise Development Factors

In addition to helping you analyze and determine the optimal factors above, we will provide you with specimen samples of the following documents needed to complete the franchise development process. These are critical and valuable should you decide to perform the development project in-house. Plus, additional consulting services can be arranged should you need interim additional expert assistance.

Included Document Specimens:

Kick Off Day Only Option: $5,000 due at signing  and prior to Kick Off
Kick Off Day + 10 Consulting Hours: $7,500 due at signing  and prior to Kick Off (includes an additional 10 telephone consulting hours to be used within 12 months.

Step 2:  Manage your franchise development project in-house, or choose from one of our turn-key development packages:

Comprehensive Package

Because we believe that ALL of the products and services we provide our new Franchise clients are equally vital to franchise success, we offer a single comprehensive package with a flat-rate price. Our comprehensive offering provides services over a twelve-month period and includes strategic consulting, document preparation, nationwide registration, marketing and branding services, technology solutions, and more. This package was designed for franchisors wanting a development partner to not only qualify them to sell franchises nationally, but who will support them during the initial sales process and provide services for the franchisees who join the network.*

Payment Option 1: $69,000 due at signing.
Payment Option 2: $19k due at signing and 12 monthly payments of $5,000

Basic Starter Package

Our basic development package includes 300 service hours over a three-month period for consulting, document preparation and nationwide registration only. This package is best suited for franchisors who need help developing the franchise model and getting through the complicated registration process, but who want to handle the operations, marketing, sales development steps on their own.*

Payment Option 1: $30,000 due at signing.
Payment Option 2: $10k due at signing and 5 monthly payments of $5,000

* All legal services are provided by a selected franchise law firm. If an Audit is required, there will be additional Auditor Services charges.

– you made it this far, contact us today to kick off your franchise development.



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