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Existing Franchise Service Packages

We offer a variety of consulting and technology service packages for existing franchisors. Choose from a full service consulting and marketing package or just our technology suite.

Already have a developed franchise system?

We all know that success in business is about more than getting to market – it’s about maintaining a powerful market presence over the long haul. With The Franchise Builders, you can ensure your long-term success with an annual Marketing Service Package tailored to meet your needs.

Every marketing service package we provide includes a allotment of service units to be used at your discretion for all of the following:

Plus, during the term of a Marketing Service Package Agreement, we provide all of the following technology products and services at no extra charge*:

Package Price Units**
MSA 300 $3,000 / Month 300 / Year
MSA 600 $5,000 / Month 600 / Year
MSA 900 $6,500 / Month 900 / Year


Only need the use of our franchise technology?

Perhaps your franchise system is already fully developed, established in its marketing and system operations, and all that’s missing is effective franchise marketing and support technology. We can still help, by implementing what’s known to be the most advanced franchise technology suite available.

During the term of a Technology Service  Package Agreement, we provide all of the following products and services*:

Plus, each of our Technology Service Packages includes a limited allotment of service units to be used at your discretion for all of the following:

Package Price Units**
TECH 500 $500 / Month 0 / Year
TECH 1000 $1,000 / Month 75 / Year
TECH 2000 $2,000 / Month 200 / Year

Packages billed monthly.
* Franchisee setup charges and franchisee hosting/printing costs will apply. Franchisor technology costs are waived when more than 40 franchise units are hosted.
** One Consulting or Legal Hour = 2 Units. One Creative, Technology, Copywriting or Marketing Hour = 1 Unit . One Administrative Hour = 1/2 Unit

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